Furniture & Toilets

  Chairs with Coloured Seat Pads Gold, Silver, Beech & Chivari Chairs With Coloured Seat Pads Bistro Chairs Bistro Chairs Luxury Trailer Toilets Luxury Trailer Toilets
  White Chairs White Chairs Round Tables Round Tables Portable Toilets Portable Toilets
  Black Chairs Black Chairs Trestle Tables Trestle Tables Other Other
  Wood Folding Chairs Wood Folding Chairs        

We have a wealth of furniture styles and toilet units to fulfil your requirements. From banquet chairs with a vast selection of seat pad colours, to the more economical wood folding and bistro chairs, we can cater to your objectives. Moreover, we provide both round tables and trestle tables, so we can design any table layout you desire. We also supply a large variety of toilets, from the luxury trailer units for weddings and more formal occasions, to portable toilets for 18th and 21st birthday parties, so we will be sure to have something to suit your event.